7 Years, a song recorded by Lukas Graham was the stimulus that we were given. This song is based on a 7 year old boy (Lukas Graham) and how he grows up, all the way to 60 years of age. Throughout the stimulus there is a theme of depression and sadness growing, and his ambitions […]

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to defer the external performance of your “Oh What a Lovely War!” piece until Tuesday 19th of June (a one week deferral). You will now be timetabled in lessons as normal tomorrow. Our apologies for the lateness of this notice.

Next Tuesday Period 3 Topic: Discrimination in Football, how more should be done about it to prevent it from reoccuring Examples: Dani Alves, banana was thrown towards him, against Villarreal, responded by eating it. It hushed the racist fans involved. How to prevent it: Integrate the fans to create a multi-cultural fan base. This may […]

‘Oh what a lovely war’ is a satire play which has many references to World War One, including the likes of General Haig. General Haig could be considered a war criminal, but to some people a war hero. Haig had little time for new military ideas. He was very much steeped in the ways that […]

Understanding Of Character: this is the character of a guard who has seen a lot of bad things in his time from Agamemnon, although now he does not look fazed at the fact that his leader is becoming anxious from finding out that Achilles is planning to quit, alongside Briseis. I chose to portray the […]

In the start of both, A Christmas Carol and Macbeth we can see the writers (in this case Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare) give a clear idea straight away to the reader or audience what the characters are like, their flaws are obvious in some senses but hidden in others. In Macbeth we can see […]

What is the social, historical and cultural background to the text?                                                                                      The battle […]

In the openings of both stories the main characters are opposites in terms of respect from others. We can see this with Scrooge as he is coldhearted stingy and careless. A response from Scrooge when the charity worker Scrooge what shall I put you down for then Scrooge gave the cold hearted response “nothing!”. This […]